SolBlock AI

The AI driven community town square and DeFi launchpad built on Solana

Welcome to your new home on Web3. An ambitious fusion of DeFi, social media, and Artificial Intelligence. Fully onchain with the best tech stack in crypto.

$SolBlock CA:

Native Multi Chain Bridgeless DeFi

We leverage the best tech in crypto. Discover chain-key cryptography, ECDSA signature sharing, and native smart canister nodes on both ETH and BTC networks through our ICP infrastructure layer. All driven by deep AI integrations running fully onchain. SolBlock AI will be a gateway to unlimited DeFi opportunities.

Bridgeles multichain (BTC, ETH, ETH L2s, SOL)
Fast and secure transactions running fully onchain for negligible fees and blazing TPS
AI driven Multi chain launchpad and DeFi directory uncovering Alpha and creating wins

Data ownership, security, privacy, and decentralization by design

All the benefits of full blockchain systems architecture

The SolBlock AI dApp will be regularly audited. The $SolBlock utility token has been audited by third parties and was developed by Coinsult, an independent SAFU developer.
256 BIT 
Full 256 BIT AES encryption for sensitive data, financials and communications. With chain-key cryptography, multichain bridgeless DeFi is secure, fast, cheap and efficient.
Onchain architecture, using the best tech stack in Web3.
User data ownership, privacy, and decentralization

Powerful AI integrations running fully onchain

The most powerful aspect of the SolBlock platform is the extensive AI integrations that will fuel it and drive exciting features and capabilities not found anywhere else. Content creation and moderation, data aggregation, trading and Alpha opportunities, DeFi optimization and meaningful user growth through tailored actions are a few of the features that will be possible.

Discover revenue share, airdrops, and staking

Participants in the SolBlock AI Governance DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will have the opportunity to earn $SolBlock tokens and other rewards through various staking, revenue share, and yield farming opportunities.

Learn more in the Whitepaper

How will the SolBlock AI platform work?

Easy To Create Wallet - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Create or use a Web3 wallet

Use popular services like Phantom, Solflare, Metamask, Internet Identity, or Wallet Connect to create a Web3 Crypto wallet.

Create An Account - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Create your SolBlock AI account

Your wallet public key will then be used to create a new user account within the SolBlock AI platform. Just use the same wallet to connect next time to log back in to your SolBlock AI user account.

Great Culture - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Explore all the platform has to offer. Welcome to your new home on Web3

Explore community town squares, decentralized communications, the DeFi launchpad and dApp directory, and AI integrations.