We are building an exciting fusion of DeFi, Social, and AI running fully on Blockchain

Easy To Create Wallet - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Our AI integrated community town squares will be dynamic and adaptive places for communities to gather, brands to connect and engage with their audience, opportunities to be discovered, and real innovation to happen across Web3.

Easy To Create Wallet - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

In Web3 community is everything. The SolBlock community governance DAO (SolBlock DAO) will stand as a testament to community first principles. The DAO will be formed in Phase 4 of our roadmap.

The DAO will exist independently of any person or organization. It will align the actions and development of the SolBlock AI platform and utility token with that of the long term motivations of the SolBlock DAO governance participants.

Revenue generated from the platform will be shared with SolBlock DAO Governance participants and there will be staking opportunities for token holders.

Fully Onchain Decentralization

Utilizing the best tech stack in Web3 for a fully onchain, secure, and privacy conscious platform. Solana network for $SolBlock utility token and ledger, Internet Computer decentralized architecture for fully onchain compute and hosting, and IPFS for onchain storage.

Decentralized Communications (DeComm)

Groups and group chats,  friends lists, powerful decentralized messenger, community town squares, video and voice chat broadcasts (spaces), and more allow you to connect and engage your audience and friends in new and powerful ways.

Customizable Block Architecture

AI Driven block architecture allows users and brands to create and tailor a space specifically for their needs. Trending news, cutting edge DeFi launchpad, dApp directory and Web3 search, social community connections, community town squares and a secure communications module are just a few of the blocks at your fingertips.