Our goal is global adoption. The roadmap will get us there.

We have a long term vision and mindset and will work tirelessly to achieve it. Our roadmap can be broadly summarized by three main areas of focus:

1. User growth through marketing, partnerships, and community engagement. Onboard users, iterate the product, repeat.

2. SolBlock AI platform technology.  Domain expert devs building and improving AI, Web 3, DeFi, and Social technologies running on blockchain. Innovation is meta.

3. Community DAO .  The SolBlock DAO will serve as a governing body while promoting platform success, long term token health and increasing revenue share opportunities. Community is everything.

Development Timeline (estimated)

Our Development roadmap is ambitious. Our beta demo is live, and the development team is currently working in tandem on releasing the full featured social community town square web dApp as well as the custom smart contract architecture for the multichain DeFi hub.

We have worked out a rough development timeline below which may be updated from time to time with the most current estimates.

1. Beta Demo dApp
(live in production at https://SolBlock.io)

2. Full featured Community Town Square beta web dApp
(est. release Jul/Aug 2024)

3. Community Town Square mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Saga)
(est. release Aug/Sep 2024)

4. Beta multichain DeFi hub and AI integrations
(est. release Sep/Oct 2024)

Phase 1: Prelaunch Marketing

Initial website launch

Beta dApp demo development

Onboard professional marketing and PR firm

Release Whitepaper

KYC (Pink Sale), SAFU (Coinsult), and AUDIT (Analytix Audit)

Verification and fair launch planning with Pink Sale

Prelaunch marketing

Community building

Phase 2: Fair Launch and demo dApp Release

Fairlaunch on Pink Sale April 22nd 3pm UTC

After Fair Launch 60%  will be added to Raydium as liquidity and burned

Token Launched April 26 3pm UTC

Team, marketing, CEX, and platform tokens will be locked and vested showing long term commitment

DEX updates and trending slots

X Gold Badge

Fast track listing on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG)

Jupiter verification

Demo Beta dApp is released

Comprehensive marketing

Partnerships with KOLs

Expand fulltime team with additional developers and marketing professionals

Phase 3:
AI, Mobile dApps and Block Architecture

Mobile dapp development for iPhone, Android and Saga

SolBlock AI Integrations V1.0

SolBlock dApp V2.0

Further build out of Web3 dApp directory and DeFi launchpad

Introduce customizable Block Architecture

Partnerships with Solana Ecosystem teams

Onboard additional full stack devs and blockchain devs

Onboard additional marketing, operations and finance pros

Phase 4: Global Adoption, AI Evolution and CEX Listings

Listing on Centralized Exchanges (Tier 1 and Tier 2)

Global marketing campaign

Build out SolBlock AI Integrations V2.0

SolBlock dApp V3.0

Launch SolBlock governance DAO

Revenue share and rewards  

Hire more devs, expand team as needed

The values that drive everything we do

Open Source - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Open source

Much of our code will eventually be open sourced as a testament of our commitment to evolving Web3 technologies for the benefit of people across the world.

Decentralized - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template


Building technologies fully on he blockchain. Full user data ownership and true full decentralization of systems architecture.

Community Driven - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template


We aim to communicate transparently with our community at all times. Collaborating with other ecosystem projects is also top of mind for the team.

Transparency - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template


We have nothing to hide. Our team will be here for the long term as stewards of the SolBlock DAO, but we will relinquish ownership and let it be governed by the community.

Innovation - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template


We ae building best in class technologies with the most advanced tech stack in the crypto space. We will always strive to reach higher, learn more, and advance technology across the entire Web3 space.

Medical Insurance - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

SolBlock DAO

The SolBlock governance DAO will become a self reliant entity, which can live on for eternity, governed by the community and with its interests aligned with the community's long term motivations. The DAO will present staking and revenue share opportunities for utility token holders.